Project Name: Tailong College


Project Location: Hangzhou, China


Company Name: Damai Interior Design


Chief Designer: Black Lv


Assistant Designer: Liheng Wang, Jianyong Ddeng, Shijiao Gao


Project Area: 12000 square meters


Photographer: Here Space Photography




"Those who have wonderful lives in the world, all they have is earned through hard work, and will not disappear suddenly for no reason."

——Wang Zao



In the context of the new times, schools should be able to carry more space value while retaining the necessary traditional functional zoning. At the beginning of the design, the theme of "sound and color" was injected into it. Through bright colors, pure materials, multiple layouts, smart display and rich skills, this case creates a place full of vitality, and opens the students' beautiful imagination of the future with the help of colorful scenes. The whole college is divided into three parts: administrative office area, teaching classroom area and living quarters of teachers and students. In order to match the concept of the whole project, the designer follows the aesthetic sense of balance, scale and art, dispels the complicated and redundant procedures, highlights the atmosphere in an open pattern, enriches the spatial hierarchy with geometric structure, and shapes the structural order with color, striving to add a few strong cultural meanings in a concise and lively atmosphere. Then we can better explore the relationship between human and space.



主入口及学院大厅,main entrance and the lobby


结合企业的鱼的LOGO形象,用一千多条的小鱼拼装成了一条大鱼,combined with the logo image of the enterprise’s fish, with more than 1,000 small fish assembled into a big fish

接待台与等候区,reception desk and waiting area



Kandinsky wrote in "On the Spirit of Art": "The harmony of colours should correspond to the vibration of human soul." The color blocks in space are part of the structure, which determines the tonality of space. And color not only affects the visual perception of the public, but also remoulds the appeal of space through texture, gloss and texture of materials. Because enterprises run schools, the design of administrative office blocks should have the infiltration of corporate culture. 


行政办公区,office area


Designers takes "color" as the theme, the top of the whole piece of wood with the wall, and the floor of the staggered depth of the stone, show a stable tone of black and white gray. At the same time, the image of the implanted enterprise orange, runs through the space. No matter in what form art is presented, it is creating a spiritual world. The design of the college hall is based on the service subject of the enterprise, the micro-enterprise customer, as the starting point, combined with the logo image of the enterprise’s fish, with more than 1,000 small fish assembled into a big fish, which reflects the designer’s control over the scale of brand connotation, but also takes into account the fine expression of the college’s beautiful vision. The soft furnishings ease the atmosphere with bright colors. Soft and comfortable sofas can combine to change different postures, showing a lively and concise negotiation scene.



储物空间,storage space

柔软舒适的沙发可组合变幻出不同的体态,soft and comfortable sofa can be combined to change sdifferent forms

以明亮的色系缓和氛围,lighten the atmosphere with bright colors




The purpose of classroom space design is to shield external interference. On the one hand, it helps teachers to teach better, on the other hand, students can also be more focused on listening and discussing. Therefore, the teaching block takes "sound" as the theme, chooses introverted and relaxed gray as the keynote, and focuses on taking more measures to improve the spatial acoustics to prevent the vibration, focusing and standing wave effects of sound, so as to achieve better diaphragm and noise control.



多功能教室,Multi-function classroom


图书馆二层,the second floor

阅读阶梯,reading terrace

自习区,study area



Living block is more about the use of after-school time, with "sound and color" as the creative starting point. The student canteen, teachers and staff canteen, activity area, library, basketball hall, student dormitory and so on, multifunctional layout maximizes the value of space. In the free transformation of different zones, designers control the scale of space and humanities, hoping that teachers and students can enjoy every wonderful moment here.



健身房及休闲区,lounge and the gym

学生宿舍层电梯厅区域,student dorm

学生宿舍休闲区及室内,lounge and the interior of the dorm